You need a house that allows children, active adults, aging parents and in-laws, special needs individuals, family and friends, share the same house hold.

  • Open Floor Plan
  • Bedroom suite on main floor
  • ‘Cooking Across  Generations’  --- counter  tops at various heights


Active Adults:

You are an active adult who wants to stay in your home, wants technology / home office, a great place to entertain.

  • Create now and future, to use space for visitors
  • Entry… Easy and accessible to all
  • Wide enough doors in bathrooms and bedrooms
  • Easy and safe ‘Spa like’ Bathing Areas
  • Technology &  Home Office Space
  • High Efficiency Appliances
  • Easy to Entertain space


Older Seniors:

You (or a loved one) want to extend the time you remain in your homes, by simple modifications and practical remodeling.

  • Bathrooms
    • Bathrooms with wide doors
    • Attractive grab bars / comfort  handles
    • Walk – in or Roll - in showers
    • Non Slip floors  / Open floor plan / Smooth transitions between rooms
    • Lever handles  for faucets and doors
    • Comfort  height toilets
  • Kitchens
    • Varied  Level  counter top heights
    • Pull out drawers  and shelves
    • Lower Microwave with staging shelf
    • Stove top with control at  front or side
    • Lever Faucet in  sink
    • Increased lighting
    • Non slip floors
  • Around the House
    • Tripping and Fall Hazards Addressed
    • Gentle transition Strips, between floor materials
    • Eliminate throw rugs and carpet runners
    • Design  hall way hand railing
    • Raised flower planters / Edible Landscape near entry


Special Needs:   For surgery recovery / injury / those with limited mobility

You (or a loved one) want to interact and engage with your family and friends in a safe, comfortable, and more independent surrounding.

  • Getting  out of vehicle and into house / use of mobility equipment
  • Universally designed environment to overcome special needs and enjoy life
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